Custom Paintings & Portraits

by NH artist Kelly Mann

Perfect for antique homes and period style decor


I paint custom portraits, landscapes and still life paintings.

 My paintings are perfect for an antique home, colonial style decor, or for someone wanting a very special portrait of a loved one. My past clients have ordered portraits as gifts for a family member, as a way to remember someone, or to decorate their home with a unique piece of artwork. 

Commission a real oil portrait,  just like people did centuries ago.

Using Old Master techniques, I can paint a period style portrait of you or your loved one, and help you to create your own family heirloom.

The process is easy and fully guaranteed. Below you’ll find more information and links to get started. If at any time you’d like to ask me questions about a portrait, just use the contact form.

If you would like to find out how much it would cost to order a portrait, use the Get a Quote link below. 

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Custom portraits for the history lover

Custom Reproduction Portrait

“Charlotte, after Unknown Artist”

2008 Kelly Mann, oil on canvas, 14×18

in private collection

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